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The son of Reverend W. Meyberg and A. Meyberg,
J. D. Meyberg
was born in xxx, Federal Republic of Germany on xxx *

After studying
at Grammar Schools in Hildesheim and Soltau,
he attended the Technical University in Aachen
and then transferred to the Pedagogic University, Aachen
where he obtained his 1st Government Examination in Teaching.
His second Teaching qualification was gained from the Pedagogic Training College in Borken.
Subsequently, Mr Meyberg was awarded his Master's Degree in Psychological Sciences
from the University of Muenster, Federal Republic of Germany.

J. D. Meyberg served with the German Air Force,
and having qualified as a teacher, taught at the Primary School in Borken.
He worked as a Researcher at the University of Muenster and also
has maintained a private practice in Psychology in Muenster
serving patients suffering from anxiety, depression etc.

In collaboration with S. Otten,
he published: "Der normative Kontext aggressiver Interaktionen".
Mr Meyberg is also listed in "Who's who in the World"; "International Book of Honor";
"5000 Personalities of the World"; "Men of Achievement" and "International Leaders in Achievement".
In leisure time, he enjoys restoring British cars, photography and sport.

International Register of Profiles, Cambridge, 1990



* remains anonymous, protection of privacy