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sandburgenspiel: my car is my castle

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und schönes fünftes rad am wagen

als roving vehicle im grünen

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zum face-lifting entpackt

mit blick zurück aus ferner idylle

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... und romantische grußkarten

vor historischem horizont

mit freundlichen grüßen

When Rover announced the Three Thousand Five saloon in April 1968, there was no other car quite like it on the UK market.
Very few European cars at all run V8 engines, and those which did were all exotic machines like Bristols und Jensens,
or prestigious saloons like Rolls-Royces, Daimlers and Rover's own big luxury models.

In the Three Thousand Five, however, the Solihull factory united
the power and refinement of a V8 engine with what had hitherto been a quality middle-class family saloon.

Thus, the new car could boast a rather special image ... It was an image well justified by the reality,
for the performance offered by the V8 engine coupled to the proven handling qualities of the P6 suspension design and
Rover's traditionally high standard of appointments made for a unique blend of sporting saloon and luxury car.

Although only automatic transmission was available at first,
the ultimate development of the P6 range was introduced in 1971
when the 3500 S with manual transmission reached the showrooms.
A classic in its own time, this magnificent car nevertheless
sold in far smaller numbers than the automatic variant.

ROVER 3500, Compiled by R.M. Clarke, Surrey 1986
Brooklands Book, ISBN 094820771X


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